career counseling

Career Counseling

Career counseling is a procedure that is completed by a certified and enlisted professional that will help you to recognize your aptitudes, what you are great at and your interests. Choosing a career is quite different from choosing a job or choosing the company to work in. When you choose a job, you make a deal to get income in return for your time and labour but your career is what you are going to do your entire working life.

lt is very important that you put in a lot of thinking while choosing the right career path for you. Our career must be planned scientifically. Career Counseling is the best way to find your right career.

IIAT Test Benefits
  • Inrelligrnce and talent test
  • Suitability for career options
  • Suitability for academic subject
  • MI relevent skill Assessment
  • Personality analysis
  • IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ, SQ analysis
  • Learning Efficiency test
  • VAK analysis
  • Ability distribution analysis
  • Brain power efficiency evaluation
  • Personal domain interpretation
  • Inborn intelligence potential assessment