life engineering

What is the need of Life Engineering ?

Familia Mind Power Academy has taken an initiative with this course to mould experts in Mentoring and Life Engineering so as to overcome this warning and to pursue the dream of ‘Mental Health for Everyone’. From the surveys of the Kerala Government, we can see that 80 out of 100 people need counseling. But, the lack of experts in this field is an issue. By this certification course, we at Familia are trying to carve new experts in this field and thereby overcome this issue.

"By the next three years 70% of the world population will be affected by depression"

warns WHO


  • Understanding our own selves provides a sense of purpose in life. It also helps you in harnessing your natural strength and leads to healthier relationships as well, along with promoting self-confidence.
  • We mentor you to be more creative and enhance your memory.
  • The essentials of body engineering are also taught by our experts.
  • You would also learn how to set a goal, master time in life and also explore yourself and desires.


  • We offer counselling to help you enrich your psychological perspective.
  • We provide solutions to help expand your EQ(Emotional Quotient), AQ(Adaptability Quotient), IQ(Intelligence Quotient), CQ(Cultural Quotient) and SQ(Spiritual Quotient).
  • Psychological counseling is offered by us to help build your personality.
  • Scientific parenting is the need of the hour, which we provide to help your child succeed in life.
  • We help you tap into the powers of the mind to help you reach your true potential.


  • The mastering of health and wealth is necessary to help you succeed in your life. We will help you in taking those steps.
  • Due to the increase in natural calamities, disasters will follow. We will provide you with disaster management training to overcome this.
  • We offer scientific meditation training to help your brain focus more.
  • Crisis management is a skill that needs to be mastered if you want to survive in this world. We will provide you with the right training.
  • First-aid training will be provided to let you help people in dire need of medical help.


  • As part of our public awareness campaign, we provide sexual and moral education to youth.
  • In this modern era, many youngsters are under the grapples of drug abuse and addiction. We spread awareness to combat this deadly addiction and effectively counsel the addicts to return to normal life.
  • For the older generation, we strive on promoting digital literacy, so that they could fit into the modern technological era as well.
  • Kids and people with learning disability will get the necessary counseling to help them grow and achieve in the society.
  • Suicide rate is at an all-time high these days, so we provide awareness to prevent self-harm too.